Self Love Healing Grid 10/1 Group Ritual

Self Love Healing Grid 10/1 Group Ritual

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During this Chiron retrograde, I will be conducting a series of group healing rituals to help us through. Chiron, known as "the wounded healer", transited Aries in retrograde beginning on July 11th and will remain until December 15.

Chiron in retrograde calls on us to confront and process the feelings we've been pushing away. Has self-love been on the back burner for you? Has accepting love been a challenge due to the wounds you have not healed from?

What better time to release the emotional pain and allow our hearts to heal than while we're still in Cancer season?

I will create a reiki-charged crystal grid attuned to healing your heart & giving you peace as you process your pain. Your name will be added to a candle with the grid and I will focus reiki energy to your heart chakra. You will receive a photo update of your candle and the grid after I light it 10/1 along with a card pulled for you and any intuitive messages given for you.

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