Reiki-Infused XL Rose Quartz Palm Stone

Reiki-Infused XL Rose Quartz Palm Stone

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Possibly the most popular crystal for love, rose quartz is the most important crystal for the heart chakra as it teaches the true essence of love. While purifying and opening up the heart to love, it also brings deep inner healing and self-love.

Rose quartz strengthens empathy, helps acceptance of change and releases unexpressed emotions and heartache.

Place by your bed to attract loving relationships and restore trust, harmony & unconditional love in existing relationships.

Rose Quartz strengthens the heart and circulatory system by releasing impurities in body fluids. Placed on the thymus, rose quartz aid chest and lung problems. It heals kidneys, adrenals and alleviates vertigo. Rose quartz is helpful in Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and senile dementia.