Mini Black Obsidian Point

Mini Black Obsidian Point

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The black obsidian stone is a potent cleanser of the psychic smog made within the aura, and is considered as a powerful psychic protection stone. This stone also has a powerful metaphysical properties, which may assist in shielding you against negativities. Its energies may stimulate the prophesy gift. Black obsidian also possesses a goof action in cutting ties, breaking negative attachments to those you’ve been close to. The pieces of this stone, which had a gleaming surface were actually used in the past as one tool for scrying. It’s also a great crystal that you can use when you’ve been doing healing or spiritual work, since it has a strong action that may ground you to the Mother Gaia. 

It’s born speedily out of fast cooling lava, which flows from a volcano. This is the reason why it has the most powerful energies. Further, it also has the elements of earth, water, and fire.

Black obsidian has been around ever since the prehistoric times. It’s used in making spear points, arrowheads, as well as some other cutting tools. It’s also used by people in the Stone Age, spiritualists, lightworkers, alchemists, and Native American shamans due to its powers in healing. 

The black obsidian may be a very good for the health. It is a powerful stone, which may aid in digestion, as well as with some other digestive problems. Just like the aura quartz, it may ease any gall bladder issues, promote good heart health, as well as lower the blood pressure level.

In addition, black obsidian also works when you look into a shimmering piece of the stone in the proper light. Commonly, using it in a low light is the best, when you want to see the images of a loved one in spirit.

The black obsidian is a lucky stone to possess, especially in terms of wealth. Mainly because it may turn bad luck to good luck. Everyone needs good luck from time to time, so this is a stone that you must never be without.

Each point is between 2-3" tall.