Lion's Gate Portal Activation

Lion's Gate Portal Activation

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Lion's Gate Portal occurs for 10 days annually, starting on Aug 8th (during Leo season--hence the name), marking the alignment between Earth & Sirius. During this time, Sirius directly aligns with the Pyramid of Giza.

The Leo energy along with Lion's Gate allows us to ascend quicker into our divinity. Lion's Gate is a powerful time to tap in to our highest potential & connect with Source.

The Portal opens on July 26th, but its peak is 8/8, the perfect day for telling the Universe what you want to receive!

8 is the number of infinite energy flow, power, success, wealth & pleasure.

For this Lion's Gate Portal Activation, we will use the increased energy to focus on manifesting abundance and ascension, while connecting to Source.

I've been drawn to start this group activation LIVE nearing 11:11 PM EST on Saturday, August 8th. This will consist of a candle burning service & individual energy/card reading(reading will be emailed privately after the service). If you'd like to join, be sure to purchase this before Saturday. I will email you with further instructions on Saturday before the Activation.