Lemon Chrysoprase

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Lemon chrysoprase is best known for its ability to build a bridge for the leaping of a new direction into life. The vibration of this stone connects with the energy of the wearer to open them up to their personal artistic talents. It then fills them with motivation and inspiration.

Lemon chrysoprase is great for anyone dealing with anorexia or a form of eating disorder. It promotes the natural instinct to eat and drink as it slowly transforms the body back into a healthy physical state.

This crystal stimulates the sacral, solar plexus & heart chakras as well as:

  • Encourages a relaxed dream state
  • Connects one with unselfish feelings
  • Opens and activates the Heart Chakra
  • Allows for the acceptance of oneself
  • Helps overcome depression and negative thoughts
  • Helps one make conscious what is unconscious
  • Encourages fidelity
  • Clarifies solutions to problems/struggles
  • Draws out artistic talent and inspires creativity
  • Promotes love and truth
  • Hold over any wounds to speed the healing process
  • Helps children to stop having nightmares
  • Place next to the bed to aid restful sleep
  • DO NOT place in the sunlight (the sun fades the color of this stone)
  • Helps in settling and overcoming fear
  • Gets one back to a natural and balanced state
  • Helps one overcome the fear of the nightdark
  • Calms the mind to become more receptive of new ideas and wise teaching
  • Place on the Third-Eye for a more vivid and lucid meditative state