Lemurian Aquatine Calcite (Blue Onyx) Point

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Lemurian Aquatine Calcite, otherwise known as Blue Onyx, is blue colored variety of onyx, found in Brazil, Uruguay, the United States of America, and India. It is connected to the throat chakra, which explains its mighty inner strength energy, and emotional healing properties to deal with stressful situations and overcoming difficult times with expertise. 

Onyx is a variety of chalcedony. 

Chalcedony is distinguished from agate by its frankly banded structure. Onyx often reminds us of a black colored stone, considering that black onyx is one of the most popular varieties of the Onyx stones.

However, it is good to know that Onyx stone exists in other fascinating colors, depending on the fine inclusions found there, and one of these colors is blue. 

Blue Onyx radiates powerful energy of emotional and mental strength, it helps you navigate through life challenges with endurance and inner strength. Plus, Blue Onyx supplies you with protective energy that eliminates from your life any source of negativity and inspires you to see life with a joyful and positive outlook.

Blue onyx provides you with inner strength, centering, and self-control.

It is the ideal stone to assist you during challenging times.

It eases and soothes the hard and heavy feelings that we all may experience during challenging phases in our lives.

The Blue Onyx is the ultimate symbol of courage, determination, and willpower.

This beautiful blue and glowy stone guides you to boost your self-control and be more aware of your emotions, thoughts, and thinking patterns during stressful times.

Blue Onyx is wonderful for centering a person’s energies and improving alignment with their Divine Self.

This stone helps to bring balance between the mind, the body, and the soul, in order to deal with challenging times with wisdom and a serene mindset.

This crystal radiates protective energy to protect you from low and bad energies that can cause you anxiety, or affect your life badly. 

Tune in to the vibration of this blue stone will make you experience a strong empowering attitude that guides you to manage your challenging life situation with a positive and hopeful outlook, and leads to eliminate peacefully any source of confusion, negativity, and stress roots.

Not only Blue Onyx is a strength provider but it can also be a beautiful amplifier of good happy energies such as joy, inner peace, contentment, and life appreciation.  

This crystal purifies your energy field from low vibrational energy (stress, worry, confusion, upset) o make room for high vibrational to enter your energy field.

It inspires you to be more in tune with your divine self and take steps forward to view the future with a bright and promising vision. 

Blue Onyx works on switching your vision about life and its challenges, meaning that it helps you see challenging times as a precious learning experience to become mentally and emotionally stronger and more self-confident.

Blue onyx adds significantly more strength and endurance during the times that you absolutely need assistance, emotional, and physical support. Linked to the throat chakra, this crystal works on establishing healthy communication in your relationship and guides you to express yourself in a confident, kind, and compassionate way.

Being the stone of strength, it is said that Blue onyx may increase physical strength, stamina, and endurance.

The energy transmitter by this crystal helps you manage your daily life tasks and chores with vigor and high energy.

So, this fantastic is not only an emotional energy provider but also a physical energy source as well.

It can assist you and give you enough endurance during physically demanding tasks.

This blue mesmerizing stone can also be very helpful for strengthening teeth and bone wellbeing.

As I mentioned previously, this blue stone assists you in getting rid of any sources of stress, worry, and confusion, so you can make room for serenity and mind clarity.

This crucial aspect encourages great communication and develops fruitful interaction with your significant other.

And let’s not forget that Blue Onyx is deeply linked with the throat chakra. 

This stone works on healing, balancing, and nurturing the throat chakra which greatly promotes healthy communication, better understanding, and provides the strength to express yourself and all your feelings in a constructive, effective and healthy way.

The energy transmitted by Blue Onyx guides you to consciously express yourself, your emotions, your needs in a kinder wise way and be more acknowledgeable and caring to the feelings of your significant other and the people you love and carry about.

Whenever you face challenges in your relationships (we all do), this blue stone is here to assist in this testing journey to meditate about the situations and think about the most loving and peaceful solutions.

So, one of the greatest Blue Onyx benefits is that it will help you express yourself confidently, say freely what you think/feel, and guides you to break free from emotional struggles with strength, love, and serenity.

Blue Onyx is going to supply you with the inner strength to continue working and thriving.

This blue crystal is your ultimate protector that is going to eliminate from your energy field any self-doubt thought, negative self-talk, or that inner weak voice that makes you question your skills and powerful abilities.

Blue Onyx provides you the mental, physical, and emotional endurance to carry and never give up on your aspirations.

The courage provided by Blue Onyx will align you with valuable opportunities that will open up for you a door of promising and unexpected opportunities that can lead you to financial abundance. 

You can use Blue Onyx stone while doing your meditation session to cleanse, balance, and heal your throat chakra. You can also paired it with affirmations to amplify its strength and protective energies. You may also use journaling and Blue Onyx as a therapeutic way to heal your emotions and manifest joy and mental peace.