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What's Love? Picking Up The Pieces After Domestic Violence

Last year, I released my memoir about growing up and marrying into abuse. I penned and published my trauma in hopes to heal & help others heal and I am beyond grateful that I did. To be honest, prospective baes weren’t on my mind when I wrote it and it wasn’t until the day it was released and I spent mostly the whole day sharing it that I wondered what any future love interest of mine would think if they read it. I accidentally manifested the first thought that came to mind -- they’ll ghost me. Who really wants to get into all that trauma shit, anyway? What man wants to face the music and hear exactly how him and/or...

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How To Holistically & Spiritually Strengthen Your Immune System Against COVID-19

Hey babes! Hope you're feeling well & staying home. Being that coronavirus is attacking the respiratory system, let's focus on how to strengthen it. I've compiled your COVID-19 apothecary below. In case you aren't able to get the following items locally, click on each supplement & herb to find it on Amazon Prime (shipping is still available but keep in mind, there may be delays). Let's start with some supplements to help your body help you. Vitamin A - prevents infectionVitamin C - strengthens & protects lungs. If you are pregnant, high doses of vitamin c can be harmful to your baby.Magnesium Chloride - prevents lung problemsAspartic Acid - detoxifies lungsEchinacea - strengthens the immune system There are a lot of herbs that we can use...

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